The miingl Story

Where and how was the miingl idea born?

In the heart of Salt Lake City’s tech scene, a team of visionaries found themselves at a pivotal moment. Jake Strack, the idea generator, had promised Jon Fisher, the pragmatic strategist, not to bring any more ideas to the table. They were already knee-deep in developing Community Cork, a digital bulletin board for coffee shops. But then COVID-19 hit, and the idea of people touching public screens became unthinkable. The project had to be paused.

 Breaking his promise, Jake approached Jon and Suleiman Khader, “the tech wizard”, with a new concept: Click-to-Cluster technology. Jon was initially frustrated; they had agreed to focus. But as Jake unfolded the vision for miingl, a platform that could mimic real-world interactions in a digital space, Jon realized this idea had the power to change the world. The tech wizard, with a knack for turning ideas into code, immediately saw the potential and got to work. The trio knew they needed more firepower to bring this vision to life. Enter a marketing maven John Patsch, a revenue-generating machine.

 John Patsch was already developing a digital event application. When he saw what miingl could do, he knew he had to be part of it. The decision was made to merge his project with miingl, adding another layer of innovation to the platform. John, a seasoned executive with a history of turning startups into success stories, became the Chief Revenue Officer.

 As the team worked tirelessly, another groundbreaking feature was born: Call to Stage technology. This allowed hosts to invite attendees to speak, making digital events as interactive as real-world ones. But the team went a step further. They realized that genuine connections often happen after the main event, in those lingering conversations. So, they designed miingl to allow attendees to continue chatting, even after the host had left, replicating the organic flow of real-world interactions.

 Today, miingl isn’t just a platform; it’s a revolution in how we connect online, led not by one but by a cohesive team of leaders. Each brought their unique skills and vision to the table, from Jake’s endless well of ideas to Jon’s strategic focus, and John Patsch’s revenue-generating acumen.

Together, they didn’t just create a platform; they redefined what digital interaction could be, turning fleeting online encounters into meaningful, lasting connections. And in doing so, they didn’t just change how we network; they changed what we thought was possible in a digital world.

the miingl mission

Foster Authentic, Meaningful Connections

miingl’s mission is to revolutionize digital interaction by fostering authentic, meaningful connections. We aim to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, creating a platform where genuine relationships can be built and maintained. Through our innovative Click-to-Cluster and Call-to-Stage technologies, we provide an interactive, real-world feel in a digital space, enabling more frequent and impactful engagement. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to build stronger communities, increase event attendance, and even turn costs into revenue streams through our affiliate program. At miingl, we are committed to making the internet the worldwide connection it was always promised to be.

miingl values

These core values are not just words to us; they are the principles that guide every decision we make as a company.



At the heart of miingl is the drive to foster genuine connections. Our platform is designed to encourage real, meaningful interactions, just like you’d experience in the physical world.


We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital interaction. Our Click-to-Cluster and Call to Stage technologies are testaments to our innovative spirit.


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to connect, regardless of their location or schedule. Our platform makes it easy to engage more frequently and meaningfully.


Building strong communities is a core focus for us. Whether it’s through our affiliate program or our unique event spaces, we aim to bring people together in a way that strengthens collective bonds.


We provide the tools for individuals and organizations to not just connect, but to also turn those connections into opportunities, whether it’s personal growth, business development, or community building.


Our affiliate program is designed to make community engagement not just socially beneficial but also economically sustainable, turning costs into revenue streams.


The fleeting nature of conversations on miingl encourages users to be present and engaged, making each interaction more impactful.

Global Connection

In line with our mission, one of our core values is to make the internet the worldwide connection it was always promised to be, breaking down barriers and bringing people together from all walks of life.

Quality Over Quantity

We prioritize the depth of connections over the number of connections. Our technology is designed to facilitate meaningful interactions that lead to lasting relationships.

Positive Impact

Above all, we aim to make a positive difference in people’s lives, whether it’s through new friendships, business partnerships, or community involvement. We are compassionate about what we do and the impact we can have.

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