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The miingl Difference

How is miingl different from other social and streaming platforms?


miingl takes influencer-fan engagement to the next level by offering a platform for authentic, real-time interactions using Click-to Cluster technology. Unlike traditional social media, miingl allows influencers to host live events, creating a dynamic space for meaningful conversations and deeper connections with their audience.


miingl empowers fans to not just engage with influencers but also to connect with each other during live events. This fosters a sense of community, turning a fan base into a network of like-minded individuals sharing experiences and building relationships in real-time, making you the center of influence of that community.


Build personal connections with your fans through interactive events, facilitated by our unique Call to Stage™ and Click-to-Cluster™ tech. That allows for real-time interactions that go beyond likes and comments. The result is a deeper level of loyalty and advocacy, amplifying the influencer’s brand in a meaningful way


A mindful approach to digital interaction, capturing the essence of real-world conversations where what you say exists in the moment. miingl doesn’t archive your words, encouraging genuine, fleeting exchanges that foster better and more frequent engagement. It’s a space where every interaction counts, just like in real life.

How to Get Started


Register for a “How to miingl” event. Visit miingl events and search “how to miingl” mark interested in the event that works for you. Sign up and recieve a calendar invitation.



Attend a the “How to miingl” event. Learn the basics of miingl’s functionalities and how to leverage miingl technology to connected in a more authentic way with your fans and allow your fans to connect with one another.



At the “How to miingl” event you will be given access to the application to become a miingl influencer. Fill out the form and submit it. 



Once your application is approved you will get the opportunity to meet with one of the miingl team. Here we will review the details of compensation and walk through your specific use case of the miingl application. 



Recieve and sign your contract and YOU ARE IN !!!


Why Partner with miingl 

Unlock new revenue streams while enriching your community with miingl’s revolutionary Click-to-Cluster™ technology

Sign Ups

Earn revenue each time your efforts directly lead to a new user registration, whether through an invitation, a promotional code, or the allure of your public event.

Subscription Share

Earn additional revenue when new users make their initial purchase of one of miingl’s cost-effective subscriptions, directly due to your targeted influence and engagement.

Monthly Recurring

Unlock a unique revenue stream with miingl’s monthly recurring revenue model, as subscribers you’ve influenced continue to renew their affordable subscriptions.

how to use miingl

Feeling lost in the sauce? View our trainings and workshops to learn more on how to use miingl.

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