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How miingl Works

The miingl Difference

Packed with interactive, humanizing features you never realized your other video conferencing apps were missing.

Click-to-Cluster™ Technology 

allows participants to self-select into real-time groups during virtual events, empowering them to engage in conversations that interest them most.

Call to Stage™ Technology

allows event hosts to invite participants from the audience to join them “on stage” for real-time, interactive conversations. This feature enhances engagement and allows for a more dynamic and participatory virtual event experience.

Event Forum

a dynamic platform where users can create and discover public events tailored to their interests. It serves as a digital hub for like-minded individuals to connect, engage, and share experiences in a more authentic way, elevating the standard of virtual interactions.

Sidebar ConversaTIONS

allows you to swiftly exchange comments with another participant without interrupting the current speaker, ensuring a seamless and respectful virtual interaction. 

use miingl for…

Corporate Events

Networking, happy hour, keynote addresses – miingl keeps everyone tuning in engaged.

Live Broadcasts

Stream or tune into concerts, launch events, Q&As, entertainment and so much more.

Social Gatherings

Remote baby showers, study sessions, far-away family dinners – you name it.

Webinars & Workshops

Host and participate in interactive educational experiences that hold everyone’s attention.

video human chats

Finally, group video calls that feel

like natural conversations.

miingl™ makes virtual events feel more like in-person events and less like video conference calls you only pretend to listen to.

miingling™ makes life better


Be Entertained

Enjoy events you’d like to be a part of wherever you are, with more opportunities to engage.


Save Time

Attend events you’re interested in without having to commute or even change your clothes.


Stay Connected

Keep in touch with far-away family and friends.


Create a Community

Give your audience a space to get to know one another and connect with you on a deeper level.


Keep Your Info Safe

We’ll never sell your information to third-parties.


Learn New Ideas

Get more out of webinars and courses with interactive, engaging elements that help new information hit home.


Expand Your Network

Create more connections and better ones, both professionally and socially.


Find Your People

The ones who geek out about the same stuff you’re both a fan of.


miingl your way

Choose the plan that best fits your needs. No hidden fees or extra costs, ever.


  • attend and/or host 16 sixty-minute miingls a month.
  • Ideal for just about any user tuning into social events, work events, livestreams, and more.


  • Host and/or attend 83 sixty-minute miingls each month.
  • Ideal for creators, influencers, and small business owners looking to connect more deeply with their audiences and teams.


By Quote
  • miingl however you want and only pay for what you need. Choose your own time allotments, number of users, streaming + support capabilities, and more.

how to use miingl

Feeling lost in the sauce? View our trainings and workshops to learn more on how to use miingl.

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