How to Run Virtual Group Events Like a Pro

A Comprehensive Guide


In today’s digital age, the ability to run virtual group events effectively is more crucial than ever. With 90% of organizations adopting a hybrid work model, mastering the art of virtual group events is not just a luxury but a necessity. This blog aims to provide you with best practices to ensure your virtual events are a resounding success.

1. Prioritize Audio Quality

Source: Harvard Business Review

  • Why it’s Important: While visuals are crucial, audio quality often takes a backseat but is equally important for remote participants.
  • Best Practices: Equip the room with high-quality microphones. Consider using hand-held microphones for in-person attendees to ensure clarity.

2. Leverage Advanced Technology

  • Why It’s Important: Technology like miingl’s Click-to-Cluster™ or Call to Stage™,Zoom’s Smart Gallery and Microsoft’s new types of meeting rooms are designed to enhance the group conference experience.
  • Best Practices: Investigate technology upgrades that can make the experience more immersive for both in-person and remote attendees.

3. Design from the Remote Participant Perspective

  • Why it’s Important: Remote participants should be able to see faces, shared presentations, and any content created during the meeting.
  • Best Practices: Use multiple webcams and laptops to share what’s on the main screen and to show close-up views of presenters and content.

4. Combat Video Fatigue

Source: Harvard Business Review

  • Why it’s Important: Research shows that concentration begins to wane 30-40 minutes into a meeting.
  • Best Practices: Allow participants to cluster with miingl’s Click-to-Cluster technology to combat Fatigue

5. Foster Collaboration and Engagement

  • Why it’s Important: Virtual meetings often lack the vibrancy of in-person interactions.
  • Best Practices: Appoint a “miingl jester” who has the authority to keep the meeting lively and remind participants to switch up groups to speak with more people.

6. Choose the Right Video Conferencing Platform: miingl

  • Why it’s Important: The choice of a video conferencing platform can make or break your virtual event. miingl, with its cutting-edge Click-to-Cluster technology, offers a unique solution for seamless virtual interactions.
  • Best Practices: Utilize miingl’s Click–to-Cluster feature to naturally break down larger groups into smaller, engaging, and focused discussions.


Running a successful virtual group event is an art that requires attention to detail, advanced planning, and the right technology. By following these best practices, you’re well on your way to hosting events that are not just productive but also engaging for all participants.